January 15, 2016

Create Success By Clearing Your Clutter


Clutter hinders your psyche more than you know both at work and at home. When physical items invade your space that are not needed or that are unorganized it affects you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s like an invisible force that causes stress, has a negative effect on relationships and your health and it can hinder your ability to act and think clearly blocking success in all areas of your life. With each passing year you continue to grow and change. While change is good holding onto things that no longer reflect who you have become is not a good thing because it creates negative energy. Let’s start the New Year off by clearing out the clutter and opening up your heart, home and workplace to create success! Here are some simple tips to help guide you.

Step One: Take time to walk through the different spaces in your home and office and sit for a while. Look around the space and write down the items in each room that make you feel discomfort, that clearly no longer reflect you and that you feel you can do without. If you give yourself time to sit, think and explore each space you will be surprised at what you discover on your own.

Step Two: Now that you have explored and taken notes throughout your home and office it’s time to prioritize! Make a list of the areas you wish to declutter first. Pick the space in your home or office that makes you feel the most unsettled and that’s the most disorganized.

Step Three: Before you start with your first space be realistic about setting a time frame to complete the task and start small! Begin with a drawer, cabinet or counter and create three piles. One, to give away, two, to throw away and three, items to keep.

Step Four: Remove pile one and two from your room and begin placing your third pile back into your space in an organized fashion. Don’t just toss or put things back into your cabinet or drawer because all you would be doing is creating smaller clutter. It’s important to reintroduce your items into your room in an orderly, organized manner with thought and intention behind it. And be sure to dust and clean along the way to truly revive your space and your soul at the same time.

Step Five: As you finish eliminating clutter in each area of your home or office take the time to marvel at your success. With your hand over your heart take in some deep breaths through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Ask yourself how do I feel? Do I feel calmer? Do I feel lighter? Do I feel inspired to move on? If your answer is yes to any of these then by all means carry on!

I sincerely hope by clearing out the clutter in your life it helps you to open the door to a renewed home, health, happiness and success in 2016. I would love to see your before and after photos and feature them on my blog. Please feel free to email them to me at juleeireland@gmail.com along with any of your thoughts or comments. Happy New Year!

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September 8, 2015

DIY on the FLY under $25 Book Series


I had such a great time on the Studio 10 Tampa show on August 31 releasing my first book Monogram Home in my DIY on the Fly under $25 series.  You can place pre-orders here: http://itsaglamthing.com/books-by-julee-ireland/

The official launch date on Amazon and Kindle is October 7, 2015 just in time for the holidays! Here’s a quick description of my first bookDIY on the Fly_Vol1_Julee Ireland_frontcover.

Great news, homeowners: a beautiful house doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it is possible to create a lovely home without a lot of money or time—and you can do it yourself!

Television host and lifestyle and DIY expert Julee Ireland kicks off her DIY On the Fly under $25 series with twelve monogram projects that are easy enough for even novice crafters to successfully complete.

Illustrating more than simply how to produce these specific crafts, however, Ireland teaches you to tap into finding your inner Design Diva™ to Make Craft Magic™ in your own style as you learn the art of repurposing everyday items around your house. You’ll soon see that thriftiness and creativity are a brilliant combination…and that often the very pieces you need to beautify your home are right in front of you.

By following easy, step-by-step instructions, you can quickly and inexpensively enhance your home with timeless monogram designs for a wide variety of household decorations, such as:

  • Door hangers
  • Doormats
  • Table runners
  • Shower curtains
  • Pillowcases
  • Nursery wall art

Let’s get crafting—and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary!

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February 5, 2015

Beauty Bib designed by Julee Ireland

Here is the Kym Douglas Beauty Bib that I designed to solve the problem of cosmetics, perfume, hair products, food or beverages from falling on your clothing! The Beauty Bib protects your clothing from messy spills and mishaps. It has been donned by countless celebrities and featured with Kym on Ellen several times with rave reviews! It’s available online at kymdouglas.com. Stay Glamorous with the Kym Douglas Beauty Bib!

Photo Credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Photo Credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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May 23, 2014

Do I Need to Brand Myself?

As someone who works in the field of “branding” I am often asked: ” What needs to be branded?”  “What does it even mean to “brand” oneself?”  “Do I need to brand myself?”
These aren’t simple yes or no questions. No matter your field, your goal, your dream, your current position, branding yourself doesn’t hurt your image and it can even help guide you towards creating your dream job.
Business branding is, in large part, protecting yourself.  Buying your business domains, trade marking your name and/or business name, getting copyright or patent protection on things you create or invent is crucial in building your brand and business.  In the sense of business, consider branding as protection and a necessary step if you want to ensure no one can recreate what you do exactly as you do it.
Personal branding is different.  It’s about making sure that when a group of people picture you or your personality they are all thinking of the same things.  It doesn’t have to be what you wear, but it can be as simple as that, especially if you are in the field of design or fashion.  It doesn’t have to be your comedic timing, but it can be, if you are a writer, comedian or television personality.  It doesn’t have to be your products or services, but it could be if you are to be considered an expert in a certain field.  It is truly about representing yourself on any and every platform in a way that is uniquely and authentically you.  It’s about being remembered and having the true you represented so well that you leave a lasting impression with people whether it be at the close of a meeting or when someone reads your “about” page on your website.


Do you need to brand yourself? Only you can answer this question and your answer depends largely on if you want to be thought of and remembered for what you contributed to the world when you’re not around. Personally, my greatest contributions that I hope to be remembered for above all else, is as a woman who inspired others through her work and who was a really good mom at the same time.


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March 1, 2011

Simplicite, Greeting 2011 with Open Arms

Dotan of Gypsey 05 and Julee Ireland at Chefdance 2011


It has been awhile since we have updated our blog, but we are back, and boy have we been busy!  We have been traveling, networking, creating, and here is the latest scoop on Simplicite Greetings.

We took Simplicite to Sundance where we showcased our greeting card soaps at an awesome event called Chefdance in Park City. We received some excellent feedback, had some amazing food and met a lot of great people. You can check out Chefdance at www.chefdance.com.  2011 is shaping up to be a great year, in January we entered a few of our products in this year’s distinguished Louie Awards given by the Greeting Card Association. We entered products in three categories “Rising Star” “Product Introductions” (patented greeting card soaps) “Boxed Greeting Card Set” (emergency card care kit).  Currently, we are revving up for the March gift shows; The LA Mart in Los Angeles (showroom 504) and JPS the Signature Collection at America’s Mart in Atlanta.  Focus on the Founder: Julee Ireland was selected as one of three women entrepreneur’s to be featured in the Westlake Magazine’s upcoming March/April issue. Don’t miss this issue.

New & Notable:

– On February 15, 2011 Simplicite’s patented greeting card soaps officially launch in the Eco-everywhere catalog under the category of Art Soap. www.ecoeverywhere.com

– Simplicite is now being carried at “A Beautiful Mess Antiques” in Agoura Hills California, as recently seen in the New York Times (http://nyti.ms/fiaqkV).

– New at Simplicite Pre-loaded greeting card displays stocked with 144 greeting cards of our best sellers.

– Simplicite is currently working on a line of custom designed soaps for the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @simplicitegreet
FYI: We have a new Facebook page. Give us a click and “like” us again or for the first time.

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July 12, 2010

Come See Simplicite at “JPS the Signature Collection” Showroom in Atlanta!





The Atlanta Gift and Home Furnishings show has arrived! Simplicite is thrilled to be represented by one of the Hottest Manufacturer’s Rep groups based out of Atlanta’s Americas Mart covering all of the southern states. We have exciting show promotions, new products, and a gift with purchase all in store for you. I will be attending the show July 16th thru the 18th and would love to meet you!

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June 30, 2010

Simplicite at the 2010 National Stationery Show in New York

Simplicite Greetings was a hit at the National Stationery Show in New York! Please visit our website to see the new and exciting Shops around the world who will be selling our products. We are so grateful for all the wonderful connections we have made. The future is bright and we look forward to building strong bonds and business relationships with all of our new vendors. Most importantly, the gift of words combined with simple drawings, a splash of color, or the scent of natures perfect mix of Botanicals is truly priceless. The thought of one of Simplicite’s simple creations putting a smile on someones face or the fragrance of freesia kumquat taking flight while it transports you or someone special into the garden is the essence of Simplicite. This is what we live for. Take time to smell the flowers, laugh, and enjoy the moments we share with all those we love around us.

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June 29, 2010

Simplicite Products now available at Julia James Boutique in Brooklyn, New York!

Simplicite products and Julee Ireland Botanicals are now available at Julia James Boutique located in Brooklyn, New York. This quaint and truly swanky shop is stocked full of unique one-of-kind finds. Be sure to add this shop to your list. We’ve posted some photo’s to give you a sneak peek. Love it!

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April 30, 2010

Julee Ireland Botanicals


I am proud to introduce my organic bath and body care line, Julee Ireland Botanicals, B simple B true B u in Love, Life, Spirit, Joy and Harmony. All my products are handmade with the finest natural ingredients with the most important one being a strong dose of Love, nicely packaged just for you. I will be showing it at the New York Stationery Show Booth #1144. Here is a product photo to give you a sneak peek.

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November 9, 2009

New products…Just in time for the Holidays!

I am doing what I love best…creating fun stuff. I am so excited about my new 5×5 and 2×2 greeting card “Emergency Card Care Kits”. I have included nine different greeting card designs all nicely packaged together. They are sweet, simple and just in time for the holidays! It is so fun seeing the final product and I hope everyone loves them as much as I do. Okay…I have crystals to glue and greeting cards to pack. Until my next post I will continue to be…
Simply Inspired,
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