May 1, 2016

DIY Mother’s Day Gift


In honor of Mother’s Day and Mother’s everywhere I thought I would take a project out of the pages of my first book DIY on the FLY under $25 Monogram Home and create a fun word wall art gift using fabric and supplies that I found at Michael’s Craft Store for my mom.  This project is so simple and it’s a super fun project to make together with your kids! The best part about this DIY project is that it won’t cost you a lot of money but it will certainly look like you bought it at a high end boutique. For me, there’s nothing better than receiving a handmade gift. They handmade gifts my daughter has made me are the most memorable gifts that I will cherish forever!  You can watch my full video tutorial on my YouTube channel here:

Here’s how you make it!

Supplies: Mod Podge, Assorted Fabric, Wooden Letters (MOM), Bulletin Board, Piece of Wood or Galvanized Metal (in the size that you desire), Scissors, Pencil, Hot Glue Gun, 1″ sponge brush.

Step One: Lay your fabric right side face down and position your first letter on top of the fabric.

Step Two: Use your pencil to trace an outline of your letter onto your fabric. Use your scissors to follow your pencil tracing to cut the letter out of your fabric. Repeat this step for all three letters.

Step Three: Use your Mod Podge and 1″ sponge brush to apply a coating to your wooden letters. Next place your fabric right side up onto your letters and smooth out with your fingers to remove any air bubbles. Let dry.

Step Four: Lastly, take your hot glue gun and glue your completed fabric letters to your background.  It’s that simple!

I hope your mom loves her gift. This truly is a gift that keeps on giving because each time your mom sees it in her home it will remind her of the day she received it and of the loving hands that created it.  If you like this craft project you can find more just like it in my first book in my series here:*Version*=1&*entries*=0 If you enjoyed my video tutorial please subscribe to my YouTube channel and I would also love for you to follow me on my social media.

Thank you and Enjoy! xo

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April 15, 2016

DIY on the FLY No Sew Easter Tutu Basket


I had so much fun teaching everyone how to make an adorable no sew tutu Easter basket on the Sudio 10 Tampa show that I thought I would share it on my blog. It’s so easy and inexpensive that you won’t believe it! What I love most about it is that the tutu is removable so your darling little one can wear it for hours of dance and imaginary playtime.  You can watch the tutorial on my YouTube channel here:

Supplies: Basket, Tulle, ribbon, silk flowers Hot glue gun, Spray paint (optional), Scissors
Step One: Spray paint your basket your desired color (optional).
Step Two: Cut your 5/8” ribbon your desired length making sure to add extra ribbon to the total length to tie the tutu when around the basket and a waistline when finish. Cut your tulle in assorted colors into 20” x 1.5” strips.
Step Three: Double your strips and loop them around your ribbon.
Step Four: Glue a flower onto a clothespin an place it at the center of your tutu.
Step Five: Tie your darling tutu around your basket and fill with goodies. You have just made a darling Easter basket with a removable tutu for your little one to enjoy and play with!

I would love to see your creations so feel free to email your contact information and photographs to me at I would also love to hear your comments or ideas. If you like my video please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on my social media.

Have fun! xo

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April 3, 2016

DIY on the FLY Spring Tablescape

DIY on the FLY_Spring_Tablescape_Julee_Ireland

So, everyone knows that I can not cook but it’s no secret I LOVE to build, craft, create and design a great tablescape.  With Easter just around the corner thought I would whip up something whimsical, festive and fun for my dining room table.  I made some adorable table decor using jars that I found at Michaels Craft Stores, some candle stick holders and quirky Easterish figurines that I found stuffed in a cabinet in my home. I really love the way they turned out! Hello…Adorable! They are so easy to make that you are not going to believe it! I have the full video tutorial on my YouTube channel here if you want to watch how I created my entire tablescape. I have also posted the supply list and directions below if you want to bypass the video. Here’s how you do it!

Supplies: Assorted glass jars with lids, candle stick holders in desired heights, ceramic, paper or plastic seasonal figurines, animals, knobs etc. to decorate your lids, Hot glue gun, Spray paint in desired color, assorted candy, nuts etc. to fill your jars with.
Step One: Spray paint the jar lids, your desired decoration toppers for your lids and your candle stick bases in your desired color(s) and let dry.
Step Two: Use your hot glue gun to glue your jars to the candle stick bases and the decoration toppers to the center of your lids.
Step Three: Fill your jars with your desired candy or nuts and display.
Step Four: Create a display using your jars on your table or give them as a unique homemade gift to someone special.

I would love to see your version of a Spring tablescape so feel free to email me your photographs and contact information to be considered for my blog and social media. I would love nothing more that than to brag about you and your creative talent! If you like my YouTube video please subscribe to my channel and I would love for you to follow me on social media.

Have fun and enjoy! xo

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February 16, 2016

DIY on the FLY Box of Roses

DIY on the FLY Box of Roses

Click Here to View Tutorial

In honor of the month of February, Valentine’s Day and the celebration of Love especially for the love of beautiful roses; I thought I would share with you my latest video and a DIY on the FLY box of roses craft project.  This is so easy anyone can make it and the real beauty is that you can make this any time of the year for yourself, as a gift or as a centerpiece for any holiday, event or life celebration.  Be sure to check out my YouTube channel and my new web series DIY on the FLY  that’s produced by Sky Princess Studios at and please like, share and subscribe. Each week I post new DIY on the FLY video tutorials with great projects that are always chic, easy, super fun and  budget friendly to make for your home and lifestyle.

Now, let’s make craft magic happen! Here’s how you make a gorgeous box of roses…

Supplies: box, plastic liner, disposable plastic container that will fit into your box or Saran wrap to line your box, wet floral foam, floral tape (optional), spray paint or wrapping paper to decorate your box (optional), ribbon (optional), scissors, blue painters masking tape for stripes (optional), flowers (various varieties of roses and peonies work beautifully).
Step One: Use your masking tape to mask off a design for your box. Such as: Stripes. (this is optional) Next, use your spray paint to paint your box in your desired color. Option Two: Use decorative wrapping paper, old sheet music or photos to wrap or create a collage with ModPodge on the exterior of your box.
Step Two: Line your box with your plastic liner, container or plastic wrap.
Step Three: Cut your wet floral foam to fit inside your box. When your floral foam is cut to fit; saturate it well with water and put it into your box. Optional: Use your floral tape to create a 1” grid on top of the box as a guide to insert your roses into the center of each square.
Step Four: Cut your roses at a 45 degree angle so that they are the correct height to fit just over the top of your box. Insert your cut roses into your wet floral foam or into the open areas on your tape grid.
Step Five: Add a Ribbon band, bow or handwritten message of Love and Voila! You’ve just created a lovely box of Roses!

Lastly, be sure to email me photos of your own creative box of roses so that I can post them on both of my blogs. I would love to brag about you! Email your photos to: for consideration.


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December 24, 2015

DIY on the FLY Snow Globes As Seen On Good Things Utah


I Love the Holidays especially when it comes to making handmade decorations or gifts for my home, family and friends. My daughter has been collecting snow globes from around the world since she was small and we love to display them during the holidays and throughout the year. They are inexpensive and easier than you think to make. This is also a really fun project to do together with your kids, grand kids and teens! Here’s how you make your own snow globe. Have fun and email me photos of your creations to I would love to post them on my blog, social media and share them with the world. Now let’s make craft magic happen!


1. Mason jar or old jar that you wish to recycle. I have used pickle jars, pasta sauce or jam jars so look in your refrigerator or cabinets
before running out and buying something new.
2. Miniature embellishments or mini ornaments. (Michaels Craft Stores has a nice selection. You can also find them at most craft or hobby
3. Packaged snowflakes. (Michaels, Joanne Fabrics or most craft stores.)
4. (Optional) Spray Paint in desired color to paint your lid.
5. Hot glue gun.
Step One: (Optional) Use your spray paint to paint your lid.
Step Two: When your lid is dry begin placing your miniature embellishments onto the inside of your lid to create a festive scene that you are
happy with.
Step Three: When you are happy with your scene use your hot glue gun to glue your miniature embellishments in place.
Step Four: Sprinkle your snowflakes onto the bottom of the lid around your holiday scene. Put the glass jar over the lid and tighten until it
is completely closed. Voila! You have just created a beautiful snow globe!
Step Five: (Optional) You can add water to your snow globe if you like. I personally like them without the water just as much.
Note: If you are making these with small children substitute the glue gun for Elmers glue and let dry before adding the snowflakes.
These are so charming and delightful and they make a truly wonderful gift for friends, family or teachers. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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October 19, 2015

DIY Halloween Spookdorable Spider Candle Holders–As seen on Good Day Columbus Fox 28


Candles are an important design element used with Halloween decor to help set the spooky tone for a spooktacular Halloween night. I love to scatter candles throughout my home and garden to achieve the perfect mood lighting.  Here’s a fun project to create your own adorable spooky spider candle holders. They will look great sprinkled throughout your home, as a display on your front porch or to use as individual table place setting candle for an event or Halloween meal. They are simple, cost less than three dollars to make and I promise the kids will love them!



Supplies: Mini pumpkin, black pipe cleaners, hot glue gun, small candle. (Optional: spray paint or acrylic craft paint in black or purple)




Step One: Cut an opening in the top of your pumpkin a little larger in circumference than your candle and carve out the insides of your pumpkin. (Optional: you can paint your pumpkin black or purple if you like and let it dry before going to step two.)



Step Two: Take your pipe cleaners and bend eight of them to look like spider legs. Make sure they are all the same size in length.

Step Three: Use your hot glue gun to glue four legs on each side and insert your candle! It’s that simple! These adorable pumpkin spiders also make a great table place setting card holder.




You can also spray paint your pumpkins black of purple and paint or glue googly eyes on them.  Have fun and I would love to see how your spider candle holders turned out so please email them to me at so I can share your DIY creations with everyone on my blog and social media.





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October 14, 2015

Halloween Pumpkin Party & Craft Ideas

The month of October brings with it the official start of the Holiday Season and one of my favorite things in the entire world, decorating! I thought I would share with you some fun, simple and super Spooktacular Home Decorating DIY on the FLY tips using pumpkins. Let the holiday festivities begin!

pumpkin_beveragesPumpkins can be used for much more than lighting your doorstep on Halloween. They also make great containers for floral arrangements, food displays and beverages at your next party. Here’s how you put your pumpkin to work to entertain your guests.

Supplies: Large Pumpkin, Plastic Bowl or Vase, Floral Arrangement or Food, Beverages & Ice, Carving Knife, Large Spoon to gut your pumpkin.

Step One: Select your container and a pumpkin that is larger than your container.

Step Two: Cut your pumpkin top off so that it is at least an inch taller than your container. Make sure your pumpkin is also similar in width and height to your container. Next, carve the insides out of your pumpkin with your spoon and place your container inside.

Step Three: Place flowers in the pumpkin with a vase, or food or beverages and ice in the pumpkin with the bowl. Now you are ready to display, dazzle and serve!

If you want to take it a step further, you can always decorate or paint a face on your pumpkin. Have fun creating and serving up pure pumpkin delight to all of your guests!


I love to decorate and I love Halloween but personally I have never been into anything to creepy or scary. Here’s a fun way to greet your guests with pumpkins at your doorstep without sending them scurrying away before you have a chance to say hello. Let’s make a friendly pumpkin snowman or scarecrow.

Supplies: Three Pumpkins (Large, Medium, Small), Two Small Broomsticks or Two Branches, Black Acrylic Paint, Hat, Scarf, leaves or raffia to wrap around the neck, Hot Glue Gun (Industrial Strength Glue), Knife or Drill to create holes for the arms

Step One: Glue your pumpkins together with your hot glue gun. Start with your large pumpkin on the bottom, your medium pumpkin in the center and your small pumpkin on top.

Step Two: Use your paint to create two eyes, a nose and a mouth. You can make a snowman, pumpkin or scarecrow face.

Step Three: Creating arms for your pumpkin snowman or scarecrow. Carefully use a knife or drill to make a hole in each side of your middle or medium sized pumpkin to fit your broomstick handles or branches. Put a little hot glue on the end of each broomstick or branch before inserting them into each hole to secure them firmly in place. Tie a scarf, raffia or silk leaves around in the middle of the base of the small and medium size pumpkins to create a neck. Lastly, add a hat on top. You can use a top hat, cowboy hat or any hat that you like. To dress it up a bit more add a plaid shirt or cape to your pumpkin snowman or scarecrow.

Have fun decorating your pumpkin snowman or scarecrow. Don’t be afraid to find your inner Design Diva and add your personal touch to make it your own and reflect your home. I would love to see your pumpkin creations and share them on my social media. Email your photos to me at Enjoy this Spooktacular start to your holiday season!

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October 2, 2015

DIY on the FLY Crayon Pumpkin Craft


DIY on the FLY Pumpkin Decorating with Crayons


Just like there’s more than one-way to skin a cat, there is also more than one-way to carve a pumpkin, or NOT! Here’s a simple, fun and inexpensive way to repurpose your kids old crayons and create festive pumpkin decor for your home or as a table centerpiece without having to use a carving knife.

Supplies: White Pumpkin, Tacky Glue, Crayons, Blow Dryer
Step One: Take the outside wrapper off of your crayons and cut the crayons in half.
Step Two: Glue your crayons on top of your pumpkin using your tacky glue.
Step Three: When the glue is dry place your pumpkin on a drop cloth. Next, use your blow dryer to melt the crayons so they drip down the sides of your pumpkin creating a colorful design!

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October 2, 2015

Spooktacular Halloween Party Ideas


Decorating pumpkins each year is something the whole family looks forward to but let’s face it, Mom or Dad does most of the work because sharp objects, such as a carving knives, are not exactly cut out for kids. That’s why I fell in love with the Spritz Pumpkin Craft Kits! Now you can put the craft paint and supplies out on the table and your kids can decorate their very own pumpkin with ease! This is also a great craft activity idea for a school or church party to keep the kids busy. Each kit comes complete with all of the self-adhesive supplies that you need to decorate your pumpkin. The best part is the price-$3.00 for the simple kits such as a bat, witch, fox, owl or cat and $5.00 for a few of the more elaborate decorative design kits which are perfect for Adults. Now, let’s head to the pumpkin patch in search of the perfect pumpkin to use with your Spritz pumpkin craft kit!


Spritz Pumpkin Decorating Craft Kit

Planning the perfect party always begins with the perfect party theme. I love Halloween and dressing up in a costume but I am not into the horror aspect of it. I would rather decorate with bright colorful colors or happy jack-o-lanterns. I ran across some of the cutest party decor this year at Target and I especially love the bright colored Day of the Dead party themed plates, napkins, cups and more. You also can’t beat the price! They start at $1.00 and go up to $2.50, so it’s affordable. My advice, get there early before they are sold out and enjoy the party! Price $1.00 to $2.50


Thank goodness for cameras! They help us to preserve our memories in photographs and when it comes to Halloween and our children, family, and friends we want to capture every one of lifes moments. I love the current party trend of using photo props and photo backgrounds, so naturally, I could not resist the Spritz photo kit that I found at Target either! From Batman, to Frankenstein to Dracula lips this photo prop kit will have everyone howling with laughter as you snap photos at your party. Get it now while supplies last! Price $5.00

Playing dress up is not just for kids when it comes to Halloween. I love to go all out when putting together a creative costume, which for me usually includes some face paint, and it’s not always easy to do on yourself. Target has a new craft section and I found these amazing temporary face tattoos that are quick and easy to do. I also love the fact that I can use clothing from my own closet to create a complete costume look! For the spider face I can wear all black or for the deer I can outfit myself in brown and so can you! The real icing on the cake is the price, at only $3.00. Now you can get creative and join in on all of the Halloween fun without spending a lot of money. I don’t know about you, but three dollars for a costume is just fine by me!

I would love to see photos of your Halloween party decor and share them on my blog and social media. Feel free to e-mail them to me at Have a Spooktacular and Safe Halloween!

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July 3, 2015

DIY on the FLy™- July 4th Decorating Ideas


Photo Credit: The Concrete Cottage

Happy Independence Day! This is one of my favorite holidays because it’s summertime, the backyard BBQ’s are fabulous and it’s the day when our nation proudly displays the red, white and blue colors of our American flag to honor our freedom.  The firework displays are kind of fun too!  I wanted to share with you a few simple, last minute and inexpensive DIY on the FLY™ ideas to make your own backyard BBQ or party festive and memorable for you and your guests.


A Starry Lawnscape

Want to wow your guests and excite the kids? Create a starry lawn scene with a simple cardboard template and a little spray paint.

1.  Use an old cardboard box your pencil and ruler to draw a star.  You can make several in different sizes. Don’t worry about making perfect stars. Perfection is in the imperfection!

2.  Use your scissors or a box cutter to cut the center out of each star giving you a finished template.

3.  Lay your template flat on your lawn positioned where you want it. Next take your spray paint and spray paint the inside of the template your desired color of Red, White or Blue.

4.  Scatter your stars mixing sizes and colors to create a fun landscape and conversation piece for your party!

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Mason Jar, Handkerchief and Silverware Service

Here is a simple, fun, festive way to serve a cup, silverware and napkin all in one that won’t break the bank!

1. Use old mason or glass jars left over from canned goods or purchase new ones.  You can find them at Michael’s craft stores, Target or Bed Bath and Beyond

2.  Next you will need some red, white and blue handkerchiefs which you can also find at Michael’s craft store, Joanne fabrics or online.

3.  Take your plastic or metal silverware and put it on a handkerchief and stuff inside the glass.

4.  You can display them on trays in the center of a table, or put several down the center of long tables or at the end of your food display. Get creative and have fun with it!


Handkerchief Table Cloth or Runner

This is such a fun and simple tablecloth or table runner to make! The best part is it can be used year-round for all your backyard parties or BBQ’s!

1.  Purchase red, white and blue handkerchief’s from your local craft or fabric store.

2.  Measure the length of your table to figure out how many squares you will need to give you at least a 6″ to 8″ drop around your table.

3.  Sew the squares together with a 1/4″ seam allowance. If you do not know how to sew you can always use fabric glue with a 1/4″ overlap. (If you decide to use fabric glue, be sure to allow for proper drying time.)

4.  Display your new table cloth or table runner proudly!

Now that you have the perfect Red, White and Blue Backyard BBQ and Party theme; sit back and celebrate your family, friends, fireworks and most importantly, how blessed we all are to be free and to live in this great country.

God Bless America!


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