March 28, 2016

How To Incorporate Love Into Your Home Year Around

Love is not just for Lovers or just meant to be shared on Valentine’s Day. You can incorporate Love into your life and home year around. Here are four simple tips that include some of my favorite products that I shared on the Studio 10 Live Tampa show to help you out!

1. First Impressions are everything! The entry to your home is your first impression and it’s the perfect place to set the tone for Love. People tend
to glance to the right as they enter a home so it’s a great place to display a beautiful table with an open bowl or a
family or couples portrait on the wall holding hands, sharing a kiss or family hug. Remember, if you enter a home
with a feeling of Love, you will exit with Love.
2. Candles, candles, candles. I love Naturally Bare Reiki Infused Organic Soy Candles- Out of our five senses, the strongest is our
sense of smell. Scents remind us of people, places, and life experiences that we love. A scent has the ability to
transcend us to another time and place. Placing candles or essential oil room fragrance throughout your home in
various scents that fit the mood that you wish to evoke in each room, is a great way to connect your sense of smell
to your heart and home. You can easily create feelings of happiness, harmony, tranquility and Love. Lemon and
Orange is uplifting, Lavender is calming and is known to relive stress, Eucalyptus promotes balance, and Vanilla
or Ylang Ylang is alluring and romantic.
3. Surround yourself with Blossoms! I love Spring in the Air Luxury Roses (2 dozen Roses fresh from the grower in Colombia to your doorstep!)
There’s no better way to bring instant love into any room in your home than through a vase of fresh, fragrant,
colorful flowers. Choose a vase that fits the look and feel of your room and use a variety of seasonal stems that
match your accent color in your room to brighten your space year around.
4. Meaningful Word Art by Wayfair- Surround yourself with Love at home by displaying meaningful art,
photos, books, or words to remind you daily of the things that matter most in your life. Make your home a gallery
filled with Love.

I hope you enjoyed some of these simple and easy tips to bring Love into your home year around. Remember to Love Yourself and show your love for others by spreading kindness.

Julee xo

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April 27, 2015

DIY on the fly-tip of the week

My DIY on the Fly™ under $25 tip of the week! (as demonstrated on Sonoran Living ABC15)
How to create an amazing last minute centerpiece using stemware, glasses, mugs, candle holders, glass bowls and vases right out of your kitchen cabinets!
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DIY under $25 Table Centerpiece

DIY on the Fly™ under $25-How to create amazing last minute centerpiece using stemware, glasses, mugs, candle holders, glass bowls, vases and more right out of your kitchen cabinets!

Step 1: Assemble a variety or glassware from the list above in varied shapes and sizes.

Step 2: purchase seasonal flowers at your local market or cut flowers, fruits, veggies and succulents straight from your garden.

Step 3: Group 3 or more of varied pieces in varied heights together creating a triangle shape or a look that is appealing to your eye. Remember, to consider the height. Keep your tallest pieces below eye level if you are sitting at your table so your guests can see over your centerpiece while dining.

Step 4: Fill with water, add a drop of food coloring to create desired color and add your desired fresh cut flowers, fruit, vegetables or combination thereof. Turn Wine glasses upside down and place candle votive on top to create mood lighting. Repeat to desired taste throughout your room and on your table.
Prepare to amaze your guests with your creative, charming, and affordable centerpieces!

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February 5, 2015

Succulents Galore

Ok…so everyone who knows me well knows that I do not like to cook and I do not have a green thumb. However, I am obsessed with succulents and using them in all aspects of design from centerpieces, to sprinkles throughout my home to wall gardens.  The texture, shape and color is amazing and breathes life into any space.  The other great thing about succulents of course is that they are from the Cacti family meaning they store water and need very little making it virtually impossible for someone like myself to drown or dry them out.  They are the only plants that survive and thrive in my house so if you need a little color and greenery in any room of your home think succulents!

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Photo Credit:

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